Booty Blast Workout!


Shoulder Boulder Workout  











A little  peak  at a circuit I did as part of my leg workout!

  • 10 walking lunges holding kettlebells overhead X 2
  • 10 walking lunges (just bodyweight) X 2
  • Glute bridge with feet on stability ball X 10
  • Bodyweight squat on flat side of Bosu X 10

Completed the whole circuit 3 times .



Chest and Triceps Workout!

Team-Up Tuesday Epic Leg Day Workout with Frank the Tank

Back Workout with a Bicep Finisher



Tabata workouts are the perfect solution when you’re short on time or to use as a challenging finisher to your workouts!  One round of Tabata is only 4 minutes long, and if you do it right, it will leave you feeling like it was 40 minutes long!  Use the model to the right and choose an activity that really pushes you to your limit!




Battle Ropes are a fantastic way to get in some interval training, and they’re so much more fun than some of the traditional cardio (at least in my opinion), and they get your body to work in a way that most of us aren’t used to working.  Typically, we do cardio with our lower body, or at least some combination of our upper and lower, so I like that this really focuses on your upper body but gets to that cardio piece too.  And there are really a LOT of variations of intervals that you can use the ropes for, simple alternating waves, to slams, to jumping jacks, to waves/burpee combo! has some great battle ropes workouts with accompanying videos here.  If you’re just starting out on these, then start with manageable intervals, 20-30 seconds, and build to longer intervals with shorter rest periods in between.  Battle healthy, battle happy, battle fit  .










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