Apple Pie Chia Seed Muffins

When this huge container of protein powder entered my house, I could think of only one thing–new baking opportunities!  I don’t really enjoy much that is fruit flavored, so making a shake out of wasn’t going to happen, but I was thinking about apple pie flavored pancakes, muffins, etc. I did make pancakes with it one morning, […]

Add HIIT to Your Workouts to Add Results to Your Efforts

Most likely, you’ve heard of HIIT–perhaps even given it a try.  Heck, you may do it and don’t even know you’re doing it!  It’s a simple concept really.  HIIT (pronounced hit), also known as high intensity interval training, is an approach to working out that involves periods of intense exercise followed by low intensity recovery […]

Dietary Fat and Fat Loss

Do you remember those cute little bright green boxes filled with low-fat but oh-so-sweet goodness?   Yup, those chocolate cake-like SnackWells cookies from years ago.  Remember when low-fat/non-fat foods were all the rage?   Well, it’s safe to say that the tides have changed, and the nutrition experts have realized that fat is actually not […]