Dietary Fat and Fat Loss

Do you remember those cute little bright green boxes filled with low-fat but oh-so-sweet goodness?   Yup, those chocolate cake-like SnackWells cookies from years ago.  Remember when low-fat/non-fat foods were all the rage?   Well, it’s safe to say that the tides have changed, and the nutrition experts have realized that fat is actually not […]

Fit Tip Tuesday–Find Your Gamechanger

This week’s tip for living your best fit life is to find your gamechangers.  A gamechanger is a factor or element that you introduce that improves your routine in a significant way.  And what I’m focusing on today are two supplements I’ve started to use on a daily basis that have had a significant impact […]

Fit Tip Tuesday—Sleep Timing

Hey everyone!  Happy Tuesday, and welcome to the third installment of Fit Tip Tuesday.  Today, we’re talking sleep—yup, SLEEP.  That thing you love, but probably don’t get enough of…or at least, feel like you never get enough of. First, it’s important to realize that sleep is responsible for SO many important functions in our bodies.  […]

Clean Eating and Smart Sleeping SPOOKTACULAR!

The decision to eat “CLEAN” food is, in my opinion, the healthiest and wisest decision we can make for ourselves.  The food we eat governs how we feel, how we look, and, most importantly, how well our body functions. Clean eating means eating foods in their simplest and purest forms.  It means avoiding the following […]

Let’s Talk Shakeology!

As I sit here sipping my Shakeology/coffee blend, I realize I’ve mentioned Shakeology in my posts quite a bit but haven’t really gone into detail about what Shakeology is, so that’s what this post aims to do. Some of you already know that I’ve recently added “Beachbody Coach” to my repertoire of titles…and for those of […]

3-Day Refresh Challenge and Follow Up!!

So now that I’ve experienced the 3-Day Refresh and Shakeology for myself, I can confidently say that they are IMPRESSIVE and EFFECTIVE!  I had heard some great feedback on both products, but me being me, I like to know—like really know—about anything before I speak on it.  And now that I have experienced the benefits […]