Welcome to Live Fit With Di, a site I created as space to share my journey in living happy, living healthy, and living fit.  

Sounds cliche, right?  Live happy, live healthy, live fit?  I know, I know, not the most original…

But the three simple words happy, healthy, and fit truly are the most accurate words that come to mind when I think of how I strive to live my life.  

This hasn’t always been the case though.  Like most of us, I’ve struggled with all the images and messages we are bombarded with day in and day out that tell us how we’re supposed to look, who we’re supposed to be, and how we’re supposed to feel about it.  I’ve compared myself to others, felt the anxiety and defeat of not measuring up, and struggled with my health and fitness.  Hell, I’m still in the struggle!

So while living happy, living healthy, and living fit, may all sound simple enough, I find that the ideas and the practices are two very different entities.  The practice is the tough part–that’s the part that requires the work and that’s the journey I’m on.  But, the important part is that I am on the journey. I’m working through the tough stuff, learning and growing, and sharing along the way.

What You’ll Find Here

  • Fitness and nutrition info that I’ve learned, found interesting, and/or experienced
  • Reflections on my own personal development as I work on mental and emotional growth and improvement
  • My pursuits in living a more natural and holistic healthy lifestyle
  • Workout ideas and tips
  • Recipes that are mostly gluten-free, and 50% desserts 😉

Who I Am

  • A teacher and English nerd, a yogi and aspiring yoga instructor, and ACE certified personal trainer, aiming to get stronger in the gym and navigating my way through the competitive bodybuilding scene.
  • I love coffee, books, lifting heavy weights, nachos, cookies, sprinkles, scarves, Carmex, watching Jeopardy with my boyfriend, traveling to NJ to visit my family, and catching up with my girlfriends over a couple glasses of wine.  

What I Believe…

  • that the best life each one of us can live is unique to each and every one of us–you won’t find yours in the next 7 day, 21 day, (insert number of days) challenge
  • that fitness and nutrition need to purposeful and fit into the larger picture of our lives 
  • that we must always be willing to live lives of learning and growth–not only willing, but actively seeking new knowledge and new growth.  


My ultimate mission is to serve others through sharing.  Having always had those teacher feels inside me since I was a little kid, sharing my knowledge and the wisdom I pick up along my personal growth and fitness journey simply comes as a naturally to me.  My hope is that as I share my own journey, YOU may find a piece of yourself in it.  We truly are all more alike than we are different.

If you’d like some more information on training with me, send me a message and I’ll be in touch.  And if you’re interested in receiving my content straight to your inbox, drop your email below :).

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

~ Diana 



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